Learn about the process of obtaining a mortgage for buying or refinancing your home by calling, emailing or setting up an appointment to meet one of our team members.

We will walk you through a step by step process, explain the documents and work with your lawyer, realtor and appraiser to achieve this mortgage.

The mortgage industry is ever changing and you leave it to us to make sure that we are abreast with the changes happening and how it effects you and your family. We simplify the steps for you and work with top lenders to get you the best possible solution.

Whether you are a first-time home-buyer, buying a second home/investment property or simply refinancing to either consolidate debit/renovations pay for education etc., we are your brokerage to come too.

We provide flexible solutions for all your mortgage needs. Whether you are new to Canada or self employed, we cater to all types of cleans.

Regardless of you credit history and down payment, if you are new to Canada and do not have any established credit you can. The most important considerations for new Canadians are credit history and down payment. If you are new to Canada and do not have any established credit, you can qualify for a mortgage with three months of employment history and by demonstrating credit worthiness to your lender in other ways. We will provide you counselling on how to establish credit, manage credit and the paperwork involved.

Every year the number of self employed people go up in Canada. Built with it the mortgage situation becomes more complexes. Our mortgage professionals will make your dreams of becoming a home owner come true.

While there is now broad recognition that self-employed Canadians are an excellent and reliable customer group, your Mortgage Consultant will advise you how you can improve your options and get the best possible rate, for instance, through any documentation to prove income and/or employment, a great credit history, or a significant down payment.

Most of all, we can help you stay focused on your business, alleviating the burden of many time-consuming and frustrating tasks associated with securing a mortgage. We’ll also work around your hectic work schedule.

We always recommend to, shop around when you receive the renewal letter from your financial institution.

Compare mortgage rates and features can help you make an informed decision. Life changes and so does your priorities.

Mortgage renewal is also an important time to decide if you should roll your high-interest credit cards and other debt into your mortgage to get one lower payment, boost your cash flow, and save on interest costs. Or perhaps it’s a good time to take some equity out for renovations, a second property or for investing.

We work for you and are in touch with a wide variety of lenders so we can always make sure you are in the best position possible. When you are six months from renewal, be sure to contact us so we can review all your options and strategies, not just those presented by your current lender.

Buying an investment property is a solid finical decision in this day and age. With a booming economy and good appreciation of the real estate market, investing is a rental property can help you achieve your retirement goals.

An investment property is also being increasingly viewed as a pension plan for the future, particularly since so many Canadians are not covered by workplace plans. Over the long term, an investment property can be a great source of retirement funds. Rental income typically pays for most or all expenses and property appreciation has often outperformed stocks and bonds over the long term. There are many reasons to consider investing in property. If you are thinking about building wealth with an investment property, talk to us. We can help you determine your down payment options and run the financial calculations that you’ll want to see for cashflow and capital appreciation.

Your home equity can be a valuable financial resource, enabling you to access credit at rates that are generally lower than other forms of borrowing. Some popular reasons to refinance include:

  • Home renovations
  • Investments
  • Second properties
  • Debt consolidation
  • Education
  • Unexpected expenses
  • New business/Self employment
  • Retirement planning i.e. supplement income, freedom to travel, home care, pay for ongoing billslike property taxes
  • Create a financial buffer for future needs

To see if unlocking some of your home equity works for you, contact us for a free review of yourcurrent situation and future goals. We can advise how much equity you can leverage, and what yourmonthly payments would be. You may be surprised at the power of your home equity.

There is a pride in Home – Ownership and given the today’s low rate environment to sort through all the options out there.

Determining what you can afford, down payment options, closing costs, working with a realtor, lawyer and generally the closing process can be quite stressful there is.

There’s so much to consider. Work with your Mortgage Consultant today so you can get into the market and start your wealth building with smart debt! We’ll help you get off on the right foot in your home buying journey.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of homeownership!

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